When Education and Sex Cross

I’m going to keep it all the way real and admit to still being amazed and marveled by the female anatomy even at the age of thirty. I find it unbelievable that a woman’s body is a mystery that yet some of us men have yet to solve.

How exactly does a woman want to be kissed; how does she want her arm, back, thighs and arse caressed? How does she want her breast and feet licked? But the million dollar question of course is… her vagina – how does she want it touched, licked, teased and/or penetrated? What does she want us to call it? Va-jj, pussy, kitty, yoni, sex or vagina? It is one helluva thing! The baby creator, the pleasure tunnel, the urine escape route, the alley for the monthly visitor – the damn thing even causes death! What else can possibly go on in there!

Some of us men know more about it than others but yet we are still in awe by its sexual prowess. The vagina; when aroused it releases a secretion, its lips swell, protrude and/or blossoms. It also has chambers that if touched correctly it will permit sexual gratification – oh the vagina! What a gift! Too bad men’s body’s – the penis is so simple! Well… maybe not so simple. I’m going to tell things from another perspective in this so please pay close attention.

Back in college I was so infatuated with the woman as a whole that I’d enroll in a woman’s psychology class and… what a surprise it was. Not only was it nine guys to seventeen girls in the class but the information taught to us was highly informative and a bit overwhelming. Never imagined that I’d learn about a woman from head to toe and inside out in a classroom.

When we reached the chapter on sex I seriously got a bang for my buck! After that chapter I felt as if I could write a book based on the feminine anatomy and all of its pro’s and con’s.

We were being lectured by the professor who by the way happened to be a bit sexy to be a caucusian lady in her early fifties; she had this Jennifer Aniston with maturity thing going on. She spoke up on the arousement of vaginal stimulation and multiple orgasms when a few of the fellas up front snickered.

“Now gentlemen, relax because guess what? You too can have multiple orgasms.”

A majority of the guys including myself all spoke up in disbelief which caused a small uproar. Several of the girls looked amazed too. I sat about a small chairs distance from this chick who resembled Kimora Lee with more of a darker skin tone though. She loved to pop her gum in this most sensual but yet quiet type of way. By now the class discussion was on men and orgasms and all the info was shocking but the mode was hilarious. The topic went from yoni’s to lingham’s and just those terms had me in tears. I’ve used those two words on a regular basis since then. We took notes as Dr. Howard explained in detail how to overcome this challenge, this phenomenon; this magic. Every male had to of left class that late afternoon thinking about trying things out regardless if they had a girl around or not. Today I don’t think that it’s a secret nor sin to know that men and women both masturbate heavily.

I went to my apartment that evening and pulled out a few of my exclusive photos of my ex who posed for me on several occasions. She was more than eye candy. I undressed my 5’10 two hundred pound frame that I tried to keep in somewhat good shape. I lit several candles and turned on a strong sexual feminine voice – Ms. Keys. Couldnt believe that I was that excited to jack off! Lotion or vaseline? Vaseline. I lubed my left hand and glanced down at my ex’s breast that sat tremendous; she owned black raspberry toned areolas and finger tip sized nipples that blew my mind away each time. My penis was transforming from the blood rush as I continued to stare at her mocha brown stomach to her thin triangle patch which she was prying open. I’d begin to do exactly what Dr. Howard explained in class but suddenly… her face popped up into my thoughts. I tried to erase it but it stayed. I caught a sudden thrill from it. She was a tanned middle-aged woman with hips meant to bear children, breast to be rested on and intelligence to stimulate the soul. Had a change of plans as I gripped my 7 inch lingham while allowing my back to be supported by the couch. I closed my sand brown eyes and started to stroke myself not only to her instructions but to her pulling me into her office not saying one word as she’d kiss over my ear, neck and lips. Start slow and visualize your partner. Breathe slow and imagine what she’s saying to you, what she smells like and what her skin feels like. These were her instructions. I wondered if she ever suspected that she would be apart of them. Forty seconds into my homework and I saw myself; saw my dark two-toned dark brown penis glistening from the vaseline made me imagine what our connection would look like when she would raise one of her below the knee skirts up and slide her panties to the side all while arched over her mahogany credenza. My hands tugging softly at her pillowish breast as she’s moaning a soft call for pleasure. A familiar tingle moved through my penis. I moved to my knees to have more imaginative sex with my teacher as I could smell her natural educated scent mixed with a hint of juniper and lilac. I rubbed my nuts softly which hung low due to my body’s temperature; I imagined her stroking those nuts between her legs and I jerked, it was on the move. Try the stop and go method, gentlemen. This method will teach you to control your orgasm. Wait until the feeling dies down and then begin. I tried it again and… it did work! Was there things that I didn’t know about my body? I was fascinated. I continued to do this until I saw myself releasing my semen clear off inside her as I’d force her backside into me aggressively and when I neared my brink I’d let go of myself right in the midst of a shooting stroke, something happened. The orgasm haulted but yet I felt fluid at my tip but none came out. I took a deep breath and looked back down to see a string of semen slide out without any sort of feeling – pre-come? I slid my finger under my penis along with the vein and out leaked more. I had came without the euphoria and I was still rock hard. I was so amazed that I started to stroke again and I glared back at my beautiful ex’s body and went to town on her photos. It took me close to four minutes to find that feeling again but when I stared at her yoni agape, I became light-headed as the pleasure thrill soared through my groin – I released a triumphant shot of semen that shot clear across my couch and I bucked over. I was so overwhelmed from the fact that I could do this.


Back in class a two day’s later I took my regular seat and spoke to both of the girls by me. While waiting on the Dr. to begin I took a long glare at the Kimora look-a-like thanks to her navy blue shorts that allowed a mile of her butterscotch legs to show and if positioned correctly then I could see a nice portion of her upper breast with her cream sleeveless that she wore. My penis started to come to life without hesitation. I looked down at her cute ass feet and instantly wanted to suck them. She began with her seductive gum popping which put me in a zone, a sexual zone. I discreetly angled my erection along the inside of my thigh to keep from doing what it does, but, I’d accidentally flex it to where it swiped across my thigh sending a tingle throughout.

“Shit.” I said a little too loud.

She glanced at me, smiled and popped her gum without having a clue as to what happened. I grinned and thanked God that Dr. Howard was opening her lecture.

“Good afternoon. Today we will pick up -wait! May I ask if any of you gentlemen did your homework from Tuesday?” She forced the class into a boisterous laughter. “I’m serious – did you?” She laughed along with the class.

I should’ve raised my hand and went into detail about my homework but I decided not to.

“Okay guys, I get the picture.” She grinned and went on with discussion. “So we will pick up where we left off. Now that we know the vaginal tunnel lubricates and begins to lengthen and widen in anticipation of penetration, stage two now comes into play; the plateau.”

As interesting as this was would you believe that I was more interested in finding that tingle again. I started to enforce my muscle to bounce across my inner thigh and dammit it worked! What was I doing? I was masturbating with no hands. Everyone else continued to listen to the lecture while taking notes as I was debating on how far I’d go with this. I lusted over this girls body secretly or so I thought. She dangled her pen and popped her gum paying me no mind whatsoever, she was my new fantasy. Her left leg was crossed over her right , her thigh was showing plenty, in fact, a little too much because I could see the salmon hue of her panties. Did she know? I imagined my hand sliding inside her shorts to see what it could find and spasms started to move in my groin but paused when she dropped her pen close to me. She bent over to grab it and that gave me a great view of her healthy breast. She raised back up and smirked at me – she knew what she was doing. She’d move her leg to where it was a bit cocked open and only I could see more of her panty. She stroked her inner thigh, looked at me in seduction and then the element of surprise occurred. She looked toward Dr. Howard as her hand slid through the side of her shorts pushing her panties aside. I stared at her pussy which was tucked inside her and was protected by very fine black hairs, her finger paused at her entrance then moved on inside and like that her flower opened up. She flicked the small piece of pleasure skin for a moment before easing two fingers inside her.

Why couldn’t that be my dick! I thought while nearly coming on myself. Stop and go, stop and go.

“At this stage she will lubricate more significantly and as she approaches orgasm her clitoris will withdraw a bit behind it’s sheath while her lips – both pair- will begin to grow and widen.”

The girl fingers were now pinning in and out of her, they were deep in her as in knuckle deep all while she kept a straight face until… she dropped her pen again. She bent over again to retrieve it and with her free hand she pulled down the front of her shirt to where her right breast fell out for all but five seconds. I wished that I could’ve reached that pretty ass mango colored breast. She fixed her shirt, raised up, closed her legs and squinted before placing her fingers in her mouth. I almost came on myself as she did that but what stopped me was when she quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper and slid it to me. Meet me in the hall in 4min. XoXo

“Stage 3: Orgasm when released, if released, is the sexual tension and endorphins occurring. This stage usually lasts less than a minute or in some instances several minutes. The spasms that she feels during orgasm are the temporary loss of muscle control and intervals of 0.8 seconds her pelvic floor will contract between five to twelve times – you’ll know when this happens guys… or gals.”


She was waiting by the water fountain when she motioned towards a janitorial closet along the back wall. I had no choice but to follow the sexy sway of her pigeon-toed stride. I stared at her ass and never-ending legs the entire time. No spoken words were exchanged as our bags hit the floor, our eyes fucked each other silly and then… she’d peel her top off. Her wholesome breast fell out into gravity – I had no choice but to attack them. Her breathing picked up as she unbuttoned my shorts, they fell to my ankles and she’d reach for my lingham. She trembled a bit before she unlatched my mouth from her breast, she turned around and raised her leg on top of a shelf that only a ballerina or gymnast could have done. She yanked her shorts and panty elastic to one side: “Put it in me.”

I didn’t hesitate. I placed my penis level with her opening and eased the tip into her wetness, I pulled back once then inward and then… I slipped into her gripping insides and went to town on her.

She looked backed at me: “Oh god… mnn… once we come we’re… going back to class.”

I held her at bay by the waist watching our skin tones mix – what a sight! I stopped her, asked her to pull her shorts down. She pushed me out of her to unbutton her shorts in haste, removed one leg and her panties fell down. She turned and faced me: “Come on, fuck me.” She whispered.She bent over and her vagina was simply gorgeous; her yoni was a bun of flesh and moisture that attracted my penis. I wanted to eat it but time wasnt on my side. I put my tip in its proper area and before I could move she would forcefully reach back and shove myself inside her followed by the most exquisite moan that I will never forget. I fucked her deep with one hand gripping her waist and the other molesting her right breast. She grabbed her left breast and bucked back into me with speed, her muscle working mine fucking in intensity. Only noise from our flesh and fluids and soft moans that could not be tracked was all that could be described.

“I’m about… about to… come. Come with me.” She worked her pussy in odd ways that tickled my tip which caused a chain reaction.

I became rough and tried to fuck her into 2030; she shrieked, moaned and her pussy tightened – I went ahead and shot my power into her surge. Orgasms battled one another.Ten seconds later we caught our wind and I’d pull out of her, I pulled my shorts back up while she fixed her bra and top but she hesitated with her shorts. She opened her legs, placed her hand underneath her and pushed. I was in shock to see traces of liquids shoot into her hand! She messed around and licked the contents clean.

“We taste wonderful together.” She eased her shorts up and pecked me on my cheek. “We’ll have to do this again.” She cracked the door, looked both ways and departed with her bag. I’d follow suit all while in disbelief. We’d enter class at separate times and attempt to pay attention.

“Stage 4: Resolution. This is the stage of the sexual response cycle. The body returns to its pre-excitement condition; heart rate and blood pressure dip briefly below normal then returning quickly to normal. The body may perspire and all body parts from nipples to genitals return to normal size as blood drains from these areas. The vagina and cervix adjust to make it easier for the semen contents to find their way to the womb. Relaxation and drowsiness occur, unless, you and your partner are up for another round.”

As Dr. Howard finished up with her lecture my new friend and I agreed to become study partners and we would take a more hands on approach with our work.

Taking this class ended up benefiting me in more than many ways.


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