74 Months W/Out Sex Part 2

“No thank you babe, I’m taking a break from the drank.” I could hear those bootsy ass dip set dudes on the radio getting on my damn nerves while Phatima recited a few of their lines. I couldn’t help but not to look at Porsha, she was quiet but she owned a loud ass body. She had stripper hips, thighs, and her tits either wanted attention or freedom from her cleavage bearing top.
“Phatima, I’m feelin’ your chain, never seen a charm like that. It’s original.”
“Thanks my brotha, my baby bought it for me.” She’d lean her lips into her girls and go to work on them.

Jas came in with a tray full of drinks and disbursed them to everyone.
“So how do you feel right now – you’re free!” Jas cheered.
“It feels crazy but good as hell.”
“How much time did you do bro?”
“I did 74 months at L3.” I answered Phatima while watching her admire the art work on my arm.
“My brother did a few years there; do you know Anthony Price – Ant?”
“Ant! Ant with the diamonds in his mouth?”
“Yeap, that’s my little bro.”
“That’s my homey – wassup with him?”
“He’s coo, he’s back to it doing his thang out here.”
“I bet he is, that’s all he talked about: CL, when I get out I’mma tear the streets a new ass hole –Ssss.Ssss.Ssss.” I imitated his distinctive laugh which she instantly recoginized. “Tell him CL said wassup.”
“I’ve heard your name before bro, aren’t you from the jungle?”
“Damn, they still call it that – yeap, born and raised in the concrete.”
“I heard about that case you caught down there too – that was some bullshit!”
“Yeah. It was. You must know some people from there?”
“Fudge, Tone and the Twins. Those are my niggas.” She sipped her drink.
“Damn, I aint seen any of them in a minute. Last I heard about they out here acting up.”
“Yeah… we’re doing a little something out here.” She grinned at me then to her girl.
She was involved with those brothas so I then knew she was a hustler cause those dudes were all power hitters especially after I got locked up. I was cool with them but only on a sociable level.
Alicia swayed her sexy ass frame in the room with a sweet smile that could’ve healed the world. She’d reach for a glass of the tequila that Lil Jon and Usher promoted in every song for a time frame. She said something to Jas that I couldn’t hear while Porsha whispered to Phatima. All I knew was that I was in a house with four fine women, lesbians or not; a house full of vaginas and breast beats a community of dicks any day of the year. I had dreamed of this day many of nights.
Forty minutes later Phatima and Porsha made their journey to where ever they resided, I could only imagine what their night had in store. Kisha Cole’s sultry but irritating voice was in the air as Jas, Alicia, and I conversed. Found out that they had become good friends ever since they had a few harsh words with one another at their job which was at a well-known call center downtown where women overpopulated.

A unique silence came to pass as the two glanced at each other, a glance that only they understood. Jas stood her luscious frame up and dimmed the lamps throughout the living room. She sat back next to me and kissed my cheek then neck. Alicia sat on the other side of me and amazingly did the same “Oh shit!” I thought. What had I done to deserve what I thought was about to happen? They pulled my shirt off and their eyes widened from seeing my hard and devoted work. Breathing picked up from all of us as I took turns kissing their full soft lips but a surprise came about – they reached across me and started to kiss each other. Couldn’t believe that just eleven hours earlier I was in a place where females not worth looking at no longer existed but now… I was smothered with two sets of soft breast, two vaginas, and two full shaped bootys stretched across the floor… and of course two gorgeous faces.

Alicia was out for self at that moment because Jas wasn’t even fully finished with her orgasm before she guided her up and off my erection. She handed Jas the rubber phallus, straddled me after pulling the condom off, slid down a bit and started to suck me something vicious – the toe curl type shit! I was on the verge of exploding within moments and she knew it, that’s how honoree she was with her talent. She stopped. We traded places. I was on top of her biting her nipples and licking her firm stomach before easing down to eat her but she’d stop me and whisper:

“Fuck me. Fuck me like you want to. Take your frustration out on this lavish pussy.” The look she gave me meant business. “Come ‘ere baby.” She called for Jas and they tongued each other down briefly before Jas reached between us to grab me and slowly inch me inside Alicia’s tight sex canal. I made it fully inside her as Jas backed away and watched on as I started to comply with her order. I had no clue as to why I didn’t put another dick strangler on, one minute I made it a priority and the next… I played amnesia. I was caught up in that fuckin moment that runs people straight the hell up – gotdamn that moment! This was a moment of a 7 year and several months sexual frustration that had me ramming myself into this girls damn near stomach lining. Sperm would be clear inside her rib cage if I had anything to do with it. I didn’t know who I was for the moment, I was an evil sexual deviant – oh god… was I raping this girl? No. I was following directions like I’d been doing for quite some time.
“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me that huge fuckin dick!” She begged. I gave it to her like how I gave it to my hand while glancing back and forth at slutty chicks in the numerous fuck magazines that would be spread out on my bunk. She moved her nail scratching hand down to our connection, grabbed my base, and shoved me deeper inside her waterpark. She pulled it out: “Jas come taste my pussy off his dick.” I nearly lost it after she fed her my dick – it was crazy. It was so crazy that I couldn’t concentrate – these girls were fucking freaks! They had control of my dick; they would insert it inside Alicia’s pussy and then Jas would repeatedly suck her fluids off clearly down to my nuts! I finally got back to fucking the months back into Alicia and it was no stopping what I had built up inside me… it was coming with ease… it came. I shot a million soldiers of sexual tension inside her womb not knowing a damn thing about her besides her first name. I glanced at her one good time as my semen finished pouring inside her and decided that if the time came then we would create an amazing baby.

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