Virginity and Work (Part 1)

I’m twenty-nine today but this story that I am about to share with you took place when I was seventeen – I was five months away from being eighteen working at a local shoe store.
I wont say which one but I’ll give you a great hint – we wore referee jerseys as uniforms.

The entire staff was young and cool including the managers; I was the youngest while the rest were a majority of college girls in town for the holidays. So I loved my fucking job!

On this particular late afternoon there were four of us working; Summer ,22, who was the coolest manager on planet earth, Leslie, Devyn and myself in which I lucked up by working with all women that day but Summer… what I would have done with her back then or at least what I day dreamed about doing with her. She was maybe 5’8 or so and maybe 140lbs. Our protocol black pants proved that she owned a nice set of hips and ass – she knew what she was doing by wearing those damn pants. She reminded me of a Nia Long with short hair although just a drop darker with almond brown eyes and lips that were meant to be sucked on. I can’t recall how big her tits were because all I cared about was ass and legs. She was also the biggest flirt, the touchy/feely kind that always said baby and honey which sent a fucking chill through my body each and every time. Now Leslie was 21 and  very pretty but she was just too damn skinny although she owned a pair of lush lips that I would have sucked on all night as well if given the chance and Devyn was 21 as well but she just wasnt my type but she was sweet as hell! Summer put the icing on the cake however… the girl had a boyfriend.

Summer motioned me towards a customer which is what they did a lot since we got paid on commission. The customer was a young lady who looked to be in her twenties somewhere, very cute and appeared to have been getting off from work dressed in an all gray skirt suit. She spoke with class: “Good afternoon. Whew… my feet are killing me young man.” She’d take a seat on the wooden bench and shove off her gray heels. My young ass caught a glimpse of her thigh as she crossed her legs to massage the middle of her left foot.

“Well, Ma’am, maybe we can find you something a little bit more comfortable – do you have anything in mind?”

“Well, you’re the expert. Would what you suggest?” She’d smile a close-up smile before resting her glasses next to her purse.

Her bi-racial eyes quickly put me in a trance with their beige and tap of honey.

She glared at my name tag:”Antonio, could I trouble you to measure my foot, I’m a 6 but so are my Adidas but they seem a bit small.”

“Yes ma’am, not a problem.” I reached around the bench and slid the scale around her foot. I also noticed that traffic was picking up outside the store, people were making their rounds to shop.

At the age of a seventeen year old virgin… all you do is dream of sticking your dick inside some wet, warm and good ass pussy – that’s all there is to it! Sorry for the bluntness but hormones are a helluva thing. We could care less about all the sensual, romantic and seductive acts that women love at the age but the time usually comes for most of us at some point or another. I sure as hell wasn’t sexually mature enough to catch on to this woman’s moves but I wasn’t dumb either. She’d politely lend me her leg to match her soft and pretty foot on the scale which measured out to an even six but the six and a half wouldn’t hurt her. I’d move to the shoe racks and pick out a few pairs of shoes that I assumed she might like. When I came back she had her stockings balled up in her fist.

“Oh, those are cute!” She reached out for the white and fuschia air-max, “Could I try these on – oh… I need a footy please.” The second button on her dress shirt had been released and like the horny little dude that I was I’d get caught staring at her deep cleavage. She showed me her pearly whites before I made my way to the back but as soon as I did  Summer was where I needed to be.

“Looks like you got a sale, honey.” She’d smile in an oddly manner.


“Maybe my ass, are you kidding me – she’s flirting with you left and right.” She’d brush past me literally scraping her chest against my back. My low-cut hair suddenly felt as if it stood straight the fuck up and like I said my little horny ass! My dick gave up and grew. Then she scooted back towards me and said, “Antonio, whats up?”


“Baby, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Hunh – no!” I lied

“Yes you are.” She grinned as I reached for the shoe box hoping that my hardness would calm down before I left back out.

“No I’m not a virgin.” I protested. But the next thing I knew I was being groped by her – she reached around me and straight up grabbed my dick.

“Hmnn… interesting. You dick is kind of big Antonio.” She stroked it again and giggled, “Go take that lady her shoes with that hard dick of yours.” She giggled and went back out to the front.

I was stuck with a hard dick! Couldn’t go out there like that, had to calm myself down and as soon as I did I wasn’t looking and fucking bumped into Leslie! Not only did I get hard again but obviously she felt it. She looked down towards it, smiled and apologized. Fuck! I placed the box in front of me attempting to hide my woody before stopping to grab a footy. I was so damn uncomfortable as I knelt down before her placing the footy on her then the shoe. I’d tie it and look up at her which is when I could have sworn that I saw her staring in between my legs. She leaned down to press her toe and suddenly a pair of caramel tits were all in my face.

“They feel great! 6 1/2?”


“Great. I’ll take these and the all white ones please.” Her breast still in my view and of course she caught me. “You like what you see baby?”

I hesitated in fear.

“Dont worry, just tell me the truth.” She grinned as I nodded my head up and down.

“Good. Now tell me if you like what you see as I pull this shoe off.” She’d seductively but secretly open her legs up enough for me to see what laid in-between them. My dick went beyond hard after viewing a thin strip of hair above to puffy lips. She took the shoe off and glanced around the empty part of the store where we sat. “Touch it.” She whispered.

“Ma’am, I’m not trying to get -”

“Hush.” She grabbed my hand and placed it in-between her legs briefly.

Now need I remind you that this was my first time seeing a real life vagina let alone touch one – I had no clue what to do and it showed. She’d move my hand around those puffy but yet moist lips while I prayed that she didn’t yell rape. She smiled at me before removing my hand up to her mouth, she sucked my finger, grinned while eyeing my dick.

“Sorry about that honey.” The way she said honey reminded me of Summer so much. “Could you ring me up please, I’m running a bit late.”

I didn’t know if I was upset or extra happy as to what had just happened, I was in shock but I somehow got her shoes up to Summers register and told her thank you. I had to get to the bathroom. Had to jack off. I scurried down the Reebok aisle in the back room and quickly got to the bathroom. I looked at my hand… couldn’t believe it, I had just touched a pussy. I smelled it – no scent. I tasted it – no taste. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, started to stroke it. I had to get that nut out after that experience. I’d be damned if the door handle didn’t moved – Summer slid her way in as I was in mid stroke!

“What are you doing boy?” She closed the door.

“Nothing… what are you doing? Can I pee please?”

“You’re not peeing.” She eyed me up and down before peeling off her referee jersey, she sat it on the edge of the sink and then lifted her teal bra above her tits. I will never forget this day as long as I live! Just like how I’d never forget her tits or… they wouldn’t forget me one or the other. She had straight up college girl tits; the kind that sat at attention with firmness and no silicone. They were two-toned; the breast was the same color as her skin but her nipple was the color of a Hershey kiss. She’d grip her nipples with her first two fingers and instantly those bad boys grew. She’d caress her entire right tit and move closer towards me. She smiled at me in what I now know is seduction, she then got down on her knees to grab my dick, she toyed with it briefly before she did the most amazing thing. She wrapped those gorgeous lips around it and that’s when I left earth. I braced myself as her mouth did things to my dick that I never knew was even possible. The wetness, the warmth, the twisting and the slurping had me over the edge but it was quick. About 60 seconds in she suddenly stopped. My eyes begging her not to but she stood up and struggled her left pant leg out, I trembled. She told me to sit down on the toilet but I was so nervous that I forgot to shut the seat and nearly fell in the toilet. She laughed as I shut it then… she squatted over me before pulling her panties to the side, “You have a nice dick youngster. Now lets see if you’re a virgin or not and please don’t be loud because my pussy is very good.” With that being said she’d grab it and squat on it once then again and once more after that, I was in her. I had no clue as what to do besides move my groin so I did. My seventeen year old dick was being rode by a twenty-two year old pussy that I’d never forget. My first time hearing the noises and real life scenes of intercourse. “I can tell you’re a virgin honey.” This is where she bounced on me even faster. The chick who I had been lusting over five months for was bouncing all over my dick – hell, I was losing my virginity to her! I started to feel that feeling when I jacked off, nuts were enlarging followed with a string of amazing tickles. “Are you about to come?” She stopped bouncing. “Yeap, you’re definitely a virgin.” She raised off right as I was about to release leaving my dick with a creamy film on it. She would quickly suck the cream off with two slurps then pull her bottoms back up. I was pissed until she said, “It’s Friday, you can hang out tonight, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“We get off in another hour, wanna come to my place?” She grinned.

“Hell yeah.”

“Good. I’ll take care of that later then.” She pointed to my dick before leaving the bathroom.

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