Pregnancy Effects

Ever since I reached my fourth month of pregnancy things have been unique with my body and I don’t mean the average changes when pregnant. I’ve been extremely turned on by the smallest things.

I’m twenty-six and thanks to my boyfriend I’m now six months pregnant with my first child, his second. I love my boyfriend to death and even though this was an unplanned thing I still thank him for this gift of life.

I’ve always been a sexual person but never like this. I’ve been having orgasmic flutters that last for ten seconds up to eight times a day and I usually get them when I either sit down and my vagina lightly brushes against my seat and/or when my nipples rub against something. Something as simple as my bra which is why when I’m home I never wear it.

So, as I read through the pregnancy bible I never saw anything explaining or even touching this issue although it did say that women will all experience similar and non-similar effects during pregnancy.

So I was sitting on my sofa one afternoon flipping through the channels when a flutter floated through my insides, all I did was simply scoot myself over a bit on the sofa when this occurred. I was wearing one of his T’s and his all black mesh shorts with no panties and I scoot again and OMG did it feel tremendous. I leaned slowly across to the table to grab my water and my nipples brushed against the shirt, another flutter races through my body. I’d sigh in a quiet moan. I then felt moisture build between my thighs and debated if I had to pee or not. I moved to the bathroom and tried but nothing. I’d raise up and turn towards my full body mirror and smile. I smiled at my plump belly poking through my shirt. I stepped out of the shorts and raised the shirt to see what my once track star thighs looked like at that moment: “Mmn, I still got them.” I’d let my shirt fall back down while bending over to pull my shorts back up but suddenly my nipples did it again: “Thsss… oh god.” I froze and stood back up leaving my shorts off still. Felt more moisture between my legs and I know that I didn’t have to pee. Instincts told me to place my hand down there; I’d first cup my vagina then allow my index to collect a bit of the moisture. I examined it, my vaginal juice. I’d taste it, tasted my sweet nectar since it was mine and mine only. I was very turned on. So turned on that I pulled my shirt off and stared at my breast in the mirror. Then my face. I ran my fingers down my Choctaw hue nose past the mole above my succulent lips then further down to stop at the top of my breast. I was amazed. Amazed how I was once a small C-cup but since pregnancy they grew and continued to grow, I was a high D at this point. I circled my nipple lightly and watched them become even more erect: “Ohh… yes.” I began to trace my areola that had turned to an even darker tone, I traced its two-inch circumference and applied pressure to my milk ducts and nipple. Then a little more, had I squeezed anymore harder than there was a possibility that something may had come out. As I continued to fondle my breast I could’ve sworn that I felt dampness dripping down the inside of my soft thighs but I continued to rub my body then stop and smile at my reflection once more. Both of my hands eased further south almost like magnets. My right moved past my landing strip of pubic hair to allow two fingers to first cup my vagina then tug on my clit. I moaned. It seemed as if my labia had become a little bigger as well. I opened my legs a bit more to pry myself open and the mirror showcased a vagina in 100% pure heat, simply beautiful. I pulled my lips apart, teased them and nearly died in utopia. Two of my finger eased inside a wet tunnel that owned over eight thousand nerves and counting. I began to please myself in a way that I never knew was possible, I was absolutely fucking soaking wet! I stared in the mirror in bliss and pushed deeper inside of myself coating them with my dew. They tickled that special spot between my pubic bone and cervix all being gentle enough. My left hand plucked away at my raspberry sized nipples as my right incessantly caused more havoc in my yoni. I cried from passion and suddenly my breathing paused, a remarkable surge from deep within built. Similar to a pre-sneeze but five times more powerful. It was coming on stronger than strong, faster than fast. I shook and closed my eyes and yelled the most orgasmic cry, it was so loud that I knew I would be hoarse. I was so far gone as I released what I thought was my strongest orgasm of my life, I felt something shoot out of me but did not think twice about it. I bucked several times and attempted to come down from the fourteen second high and try to refocus. My breathing was heavy as I glanced at my hand – it was soaked! I looked down at the mirror and floor and saw a path of liquid… I ejaculated! This was my first time in my life squirting.

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