Sneak Peek at Time Heals All Wounds by Jon Chris




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I cracked the window and turned the music up. I let our emotions and anger seep out into the night’s atmosphere. Minutes later I pulled up in her designated parking spot and killed the engine.

“Javon, let me ask you a question…”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Are you a liar?” Her eyes locked into mine but I was such a good liar that I stared back at her and told her no. “Good because I like you and I can’t like a liar.” Silence passed us before I walked her to her door. That perfect time came and I’d kiss her goodnight but I think she found herself a little caught up because not only did she lose her breath but she wanted more. Continue reading

Virginity and Work (Part 2)

It had been 7 minutes since we left work and come to find out during the drive to her place that she was even more cooler outside of work. I can remember her singing her soul out to the Total CD basically all the way to the destination, Can’t You See was all in my head suddenly. She’d bend a sharp left and then a quick right into a calm and lavish apartment community. Continue reading

74 Months W/Out Sex Part 2

“No thank you babe, I’m taking a break from the drank.” I could hear those bootsy ass dip set dudes on the radio getting on my damn nerves while Phatima recited a few of their lines. I couldn’t help but not to look at Porsha, she was quiet but she owned a loud ass body. She had stripper hips, thighs, and her tits either wanted attention or freedom from her cleavage bearing top.
“Phatima, I’m feelin’ your chain, never seen a charm like that. It’s original.”
“Thanks my brotha, my baby bought it for me.” She’d lean her lips into her girls and go to work on them.
Continue reading

74 Months W/Out Sex Part 1

We were stretched out across the cotton soft carpet. We were in the nude. Things could only get wilder with two sets of soft breast, two vagina’s and two full shaped asses. It was crazy. The foreplay was pornographic: lips on genitals, fingers probing in and out of genitals, stroking and licking breast – Jasmines breast may have received a little more attention than Alicia’s which could happen when a set of double d’s were in your face compared to a set of b cups. Still, I was well nursed by both pair. Jasmine couldn’t take it any longer, she’d slide herself on top of me letting her massive nipples brush against my chest. Alicia raised up and left the room in a semi rage, I couldn’t worry about her problem because Jasmine suddenly reached down to grab me and tease her labia with my tip. She winced while her mouth made the sound of a python each time she’d inch me inside of her. In and out – she slid down. In and out – she slid up. I remembered the sex very well; good gripping and beyond wet but as good as it was my senses kicked in. I whispered:
“Grab that rubber out of my jeans.” Back in my younger days I would’ve never found the strength to say that but now… I’d be damn if a few moments of feel good would cost me a fortune. She couldn’t believe it at first, her face said it all but she wanted it entirely too bad. She raised off me, her vagina scraping across my stomach leaving a streak of her sex film on it – I’d taste it. I could tell that she’d been eating fruits. She’d open the condom and unruffled the circulation strangler onto me and quickly lowered herself back on me. The sight… her breast propelling, the vicious arch in her body, the grind that she offered, her eyes rolling clearly back to her brain – I had missed all of this for way too long. Suddenly her eyes widened followed with a jolt and light shriek, figured that she was in the midst of coming but no! Alicia crept back in as quiet as a ninja and she was on her knees behind Jasmine. I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on until I saw her hand pumping slowly… she had a dildo easing into her behind.
Having sex for the first time after seventy-four months was a little… breathtaking, I guess you could say. She knew that I’d be home soon but she didn’t know the exact date, no one did. She wasn’t my wife, girlfriend, nor child’s mother. She was the girl who couldn’t wait to be dicked down by the guy who introduced her to a whole new world of sex and after not having it after so long she could only imagine – or could I only imagine? Continue reading

It Happened

“Hey.” I could smell a woman fresh out of the shower.
“Hey.” She smiled a close up smile before letting me in her place.

I loved how her dimples raised to show the cute dent at the bottom of her chin. I loved her dark auburn hair that only hung to her chin, loved her smooth caramel skin but most of all… I loved her body. I cherished it. Continue reading

Suddenly Single

I had no damn clue that the night would bring this! 

You only see this type of shit in a damn Zane or Noire erotic novel or… Pornhub exclusive! It started off from this singles group on Facebook called SUDDENLY SINGLE that a buddy of mine had turned me onto. I laughed at it at first but indeed my laughter would come back to kick me in my ass. Continue reading